angel investors versus venture capital featured

Angel Investors versus Venture Capital

Having a powerful business plan is essential to get funds for your startup, but the process of searching for capital can be simpler if you know what each investor can offer you. The degree of an investor’s control over your startup and his participation in the decision-making process may influence your choice of one kind of investor over another. Should you need more guidance through operations or a more thorough contacts ...

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capital raising process for startups

Valuable tips on raising capital for your startup

There will always be ways to fund your startup. There’s always money for good ideas. The main question you should ask yourself if you are looking to raise capital for your company is not “where” but “how”. How to get there well prepared? How to give your best in this crucial moment? How to successfully manage those funds? Build a valuable contacts network Building a quality business network is an investment you ...

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6 funding alternatives for your startup

If you have a startup, maybe you will ask yourself these two questions: How to choose the most appropriate funding alternative? How to be successful in the raising capital process? In this article, I will share with you the 6 funding alternatives for your startup, which include a brief definition and the main characteristics of these. Bootstrapping is an unknown, but a widely used system. It refers to funding your startup on ...

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5 concepts you should know if you are looking for funds

If you are starting a business and are looking for funds for your business, you may well have asked yourself either (or both) of these questions: ¿What financing alternatives do I have? How should I prepare for such financing? If this is your first time in a capital raising process, you are likely to find yourself in the middle of conversations that seem to be in a foreign language. But, don’t worry about ...

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How to decide whether to outsource a service for your startup

Surely you have faced this situation before: insource or outsource a service for your startup There is a large list of services that force you to face this dilemma on your company, such as website design and programming, social network management, traditional marketing campaigns, application programming or content writing for your communications strategy. Regardless of the service that exposes you to this dilemma, you must make a decision using criteria that allow ...

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